The Problem with BI

It was 2014, and businesses were being plagued with serious data chaos: slow and/or conflicting reports, tedious manual data entry, crushing technical debt, and high BI team turnover.

Spreadsheets and viz tools were affordable but usually inadequate alone, but the only other option was to hire a team of developers to build and maintain an expensive homegrown data warehouse.

Two BI consultants, Nate McMurtrey and Nate Allphin, knew there had to be a better way--a middle ground where businesses could have the power of a custom data warehouse at an affordable price. "The Nates" immediately decided to pool their collective data warehouse smarts to find a solution.


Nate M

Nate McMurtrey is the visionary. His love of using data to solve businesses problems inspired him to study accounting. When a mentor introduced him to data warehousing, Nate M instantly knew he'd found his true calling.

Soon enough, Nate M made the switch and got a new job as a BI director at OrangeSoda. After building his first data warehouse, Nate M began working as a freelance data warehouse consultant.


Nate A

Nate Allphin is the relationship builder and tech expert. He graduated from BYU in 2002 with a degree in business management (with an emphasis in information systems) just as the internet bubble burst. Times were tough, but he landed a job as a data analyst for a startup.

Nate A became a DBA and eventually met Nate M at OrangeSoda, were they developed their friendship and mutual interest in data warehouses.

Coming Together

Together, The Nates came up with a plan to start offering Data Warehouse as a Service (DWaaS), the ultimate remedy for data chaos. Rather than rely on investors, The Nates scraped together everything they had and bootstrapped the new venture.

Thus, Xerva was born and The Nates began providing DWaaS!



Today, The Nates' DWaaS vision is a reality. Xerva is growing fast, with a rapidly growing roster of happy clients (see what they have to say for yourself).

Businesses that need more than spreadsheets and viz tools to manage their data but can't afford a homegrown data warehouse finally have an option that makes sense!

Data chaos is being conquered and beautiful, timely, actionable data will soon reign supreme!

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